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We have a really good selection of herbal teas including Dragonfly, Rooibosch, Pukka, Dr Stuart, Hambledon Herbs, Hampstead, Salus, Jan de Vries, Clipper, Yogi and lots more!


We have plenty of organic fruit drinks, Suma and Rocks are our favourite. We stock the award winning Beet-it Beetroot Juice (brilliant for good sports performance and blood pressure reduction).  


In our fridge we have a range for you to grab on the go, Alibi, Purdeys, Coconut water and ……….. Cherry Active, probably the best gout remedy in the world!


Looking for dairy free alternatives? Look no further, we have a comprehensive range of nut, oat and coconut milks, and we are sure you will find one to suit your taste.


Our range of beverages are selected to help you keep you and your family in good health. We hope you enjoy them.

Green Tea Dr Stuarts Herbal Teas

Clearspring Speciality Teas

Having their operation based in Japan you know you are getting the pick of the crop! Green tea is renowned for its healing properties, and here at the Natural Life Shop we promote the ethos ‘food is your medicine’. Green Tea is high in antioxidants which help to mop up those free radicals.

But, did you know that, it is the perfect combination of caffeine and L-theanine? Now we all know caffeine leads to improvements in various aspects of brain function, including improved mood, vigilance, reaction time and memory. L-theanine increases the production of GABA, a neurotransmitter that has anti-anxiety effects. So with the perfect cupper you can have the lift and focus from the caffeine without the jitters! This is why Sencha is one of our most popular sellers.

Dr Stuarts

Dr Stuarts is yet another local producer based in Storrington. The teas are formulated by Dr Malcom Stuart, who is described as the Father of Modern Herbalism.

Nut milks KoKo Yogi Teas Barley cup and Bambu Juices and Squash Nut and grain milks Oat-ly Beet - it

Yogi Teas

They produce an excellent range of teas to help you cope with the symptoms of a 21st century existence. They are easy to use and taste delicious. Our best sellers in this range are Lax plus and Detox. Want to know more?  

These are old favourites here at the Natural Life Shop. Yogi Teas use traditional Indian blends of herbs and spices to create their unique range of warming teas that support your body when it needs a helping hand. If you need calming down at the end of the day then Bedtime tea will help you on the way to a restful night’s sleep and, of course, they have outstanding social and environmental policies too! 

Barley Cup and Bambu

If you are trying to cut down on your caffeine intake and are looking for that elusive alternative, then look no further. Barleycup has a delicious smooth taste and mixes well with nut and oat milks, and Bambu, made by A. Vogel.  Bambu has a high potassium content, supporting cell activity. It is non-addictive and chicory, one of its ingredients, has a positive influence on the digestive process.

Beet-It and juices

Did you know that Beet It is a functional health and wellness beverage? Great for athletes to help improve stamina and oxygen efficiency. It is also a great source of dietary nitrites and can help to lower blood pressure, read all about Beet It here  We also stock the best organic cranberry juice by Biona, sugar free of course, and a new range of refreshing, organic fruit and vegetable juices in a carton, so great for taking on the road with you.


For a more sophisticated palate The Organic Collection produce a truly delightful range of sparkling alternatives to your average spritzer, non-alcoholic and very refreshing, Raspberry Fizz and Blueberry Sparkle are the favourites of the staff here at Natural Life.

In the Fridge

Synergy is a brand of live-culture Kombucha manufactured by Millennium Products. Like other forms of Kombucha, Synergy is renowned for its tangy, exotic flavour and numerous health benefits. Alibi's the ultimate health drink. A lightly sparkling, fruit juice blend packed with 19 essential vitamins, minerals and natural herbal extracts. Every bottle of Love Hemp is filled with a refreshing spring water infused with CBD hemp droplets. It tastes great and is naturally hydrating. And there’s a growing understanding of the wide ranging benefits of hemp to health and wellbeing. Consumption of CBD oil has been found to ease anxiety symptoms besides having several health benefits, including improving cognitive function.

Nut and grain milks

All we can say is we love Oatly! It is a delicious milk alternative that’s full of natural Swedish goodness. Oats contain lots of betaglucans, which we all know are good for your heart health. The Oatly range the most amazing alternative to cream, that goes great in a coffee and if kept in the fridge thickens to just the right consistency to dollop onto your favourite dessert. But that’s not all.

But that’s not all, if Oatly is not your cup of tea then you can try out one of the other delicious and refreshing nut milks. KoKo is a super coconut milk (yes that is different from coconut water) and Ecomil have the nut milks covered very well.

Profusion-Kombucha-Blueberry-Pro Nourish Kefir

Probiotic drinks

The dream team, kombucha and kefir.


Daily life effects your friendly bacteria, so give them an easy boost by quenching your thirst with one of our delicious drinks. Nourish Kefir available in 250ml and 500ml, Profusion Kombucha in a variety of flavours, Pineapple and Maca is Tegan’s favourite.

probiotic drinks