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By naturallifeshop, Oct 26 2017 04:27PM

“Osius ~ The Bone Broth Company”

A healing, high collagen food revered in the treatment of Crohns, IBS and IBD, this wonderful broth is rich in the nutrients your body needs to boost immunity, improve skin and cushion the joints.

Why is bone broth good for your health?

High quality bones, cooked for 48 hours create a truly superfood. Bone stock has an incredible array of minerals and other nutrients that can be readily used by the body. Bone broth may support gut healing by nourishing the lining, calming inflammation and ultimately improve digestive function.

Bone broth is used by athletes to help speed the healing of soft tissues. This broth is rich in collagen, a protein found in many of our tissues including hair, skin, nails, blood vessels and bones.

It truly is a highly nutritious broth, the perfect choice for an inflamed gut and great if you need to avoid solid food for a while.

*** Osius ~ Winners of the Applied Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice 2017 Awards ***

Available at the Natural Life Shop today.

By naturallifeshop, Mar 2 2017 02:16PM

Long held in high esteem for its anti inflammatory and pain relieving properties, Turmeric has now been scientifically proven to be a powerful herb in the fight against cancer. It’s what we’ve always known, but could never previously tell you!! ( E.U law prevents any natural/alternative remedy making claims).

“Trust me, I’m a Doctor” concluded that turmeric mixed with black pepper, ginger and oil, delivered a high powered cancer fighting cocktail. " Greens Organic" Turmeric Gold powder, has all those ingredients perfectly balanced...


1 cup of milk (“Oatly Foamable” works really well)

½ tsp Organic Turmeric Gold

½ tsp coconut oil

1 tsp honey

Add Turmeric Gold and coconut oil to milk and whisk. Heat but do not boil, add honey to sweeten if required. Sit back and enjoy!

By naturallifeshop, Feb 23 2017 03:42PM

Loving BBC TV’s programme “Trust me, I’m a doctor” promoting the probiotic drink Kefir, for good gut health but disappointed that it really didn’t portray a true picture of what is actually available from really clued up Health Food Shops.

Kefir is a great drink, because the bacteria in kefir remain in the gut and multiply, which is exactly what you want, lots and lots of good bacteria.

We stock cultured vegetables- sauerkraut and kimchi. These are fresh and need to be chilled always, to retain the healthy bacteria. Don’t confuse these with pickled vegetables or pasteurised preserved products, as pasteurisation destroys these bacteria, and pickling is completely different, with few health benefits.

In our fridge………… Kefir, Kombucha, sauerkraut, kimchi, miso and live yoghurts. All healthy ferments.

We are happy to take orders for regular collection.

By naturallifeshop, Feb 15 2017 07:00AM

Following on from last week’s blog on matters of the heart I would like to share some info on Co Q 10.

Co Enzyme Q10 is a naturally occurring substance within our bodies, and an essential component for the production of energy within our cells. CoQ10 is mostly synthesized by the body but is found in some foods, for example, nuts, olive oil, fish and meat.

CoQ10 may help to alleviate fatigue, whether associated with stress, over exhaustion from sport, M.E, fibromyalgia and many other reasons. The perfect companion would be Floradix, an Iron and B-vitamin tonic.

Finally to statins, which are drugs prescribed to lower Cholesterol, these may cause unwanted side effects and interfere with the natural synthesis of CoQ10 from our food. Evidence suggests that supplementing 100-200mg a day may reduce the side effects in people sensitive to statins.

No interactions have been shown whilst taking CoQ10 alongside blood pressure medication. We’d always suggest you consult your doctor beforehand.

By naturallifeshop, Feb 7 2017 07:00AM

* Award Winning luxury Booja Booja chocolates to naturally stimulate your loved ones taste buds.

* Romantic essential oils, sensual body care and vegan candles to create the mood.

* Love your Heart: with Co Q10 & Omega 3 oils important supplements for heart health, Biotta Beetroot juice has a delightfully intense flavour and is so great for healthy heart function, Heart Support Findhorn Essence a gentle support for a hurt heart and nurturing Pukka LOVE herbal tea.

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