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By naturallifeshop, Mar 2 2017 02:16PM

Long held in high esteem for its anti inflammatory and pain relieving properties, Turmeric has now been scientifically proven to be a powerful herb in the fight against cancer. It’s what we’ve always known, but could never previously tell you!! ( E.U law prevents any natural/alternative remedy making claims).

“Trust me, I’m a Doctor” concluded that turmeric mixed with black pepper, ginger and oil, delivered a high powered cancer fighting cocktail. " Greens Organic" Turmeric Gold powder, has all those ingredients perfectly balanced...


1 cup of milk (“Oatly Foamable” works really well)

½ tsp Organic Turmeric Gold

½ tsp coconut oil

1 tsp honey

Add Turmeric Gold and coconut oil to milk and whisk. Heat but do not boil, add honey to sweeten if required. Sit back and enjoy!

By naturallifeshop, Feb 23 2017 03:42PM

Loving BBC TV’s programme “Trust me, I’m a doctor” promoting the probiotic drink Kefir, for good gut health but disappointed that it really didn’t portray a true picture of what is actually available from really clued up Health Food Shops.

Kefir is a great drink, because the bacteria in kefir remain in the gut and multiply, which is exactly what you want, lots and lots of good bacteria.

We stock cultured vegetables- sauerkraut and kimchi. These are fresh and need to be chilled always, to retain the healthy bacteria. Don’t confuse these with pickled vegetables or pasteurised preserved products, as pasteurisation destroys these bacteria, and pickling is completely different, with few health benefits.

In our fridge………… Kefir, Kombucha, sauerkraut, kimchi, miso and live yoghurts. All healthy ferments.

We are happy to take orders for regular collection.

By naturallifeshop, Feb 15 2017 07:00AM

Following on from last week’s blog on matters of the heart I would like to share some info on Co Q 10.

Co Enzyme Q10 is a naturally occurring substance within our bodies, and an essential component for the production of energy within our cells. CoQ10 is mostly synthesized by the body but is found in some foods, for example, nuts, olive oil, fish and meat.

CoQ10 may help to alleviate fatigue, whether associated with stress, over exhaustion from sport, M.E, fibromyalgia and many other reasons. The perfect companion would be Floradix, an Iron and B-vitamin tonic.

Finally to statins, which are drugs prescribed to lower Cholesterol, these may cause unwanted side effects and interfere with the natural synthesis of CoQ10 from our food. Evidence suggests that supplementing 100-200mg a day may reduce the side effects in people sensitive to statins.

No interactions have been shown whilst taking CoQ10 alongside blood pressure medication. We’d always suggest you consult your doctor beforehand.

By naturallifeshop, Feb 7 2017 07:00AM

* Award Winning luxury Booja Booja chocolates to naturally stimulate your loved ones taste buds.

* Romantic essential oils, sensual body care and vegan candles to create the mood.

* Love your Heart: with Co Q10 & Omega 3 oils important supplements for heart health, Biotta Beetroot juice has a delightfully intense flavour and is so great for healthy heart function, Heart Support Findhorn Essence a gentle support for a hurt heart and nurturing Pukka LOVE herbal tea.

* Love in a bag:

Natural Life Valentines Gift Packs

This pamper pack contains….

1 soap bar: Rose or lavender

1 delicious rejuvenating face mask

1 essential oil blend: Romance or Relaxation

1 Raw Chocolate Ombar

All for £10

By naturallifeshop, Feb 6 2017 11:50AM

This is Viridians' witty policy - and we love it.

"the only way is ethics.........."

Just sometimes we think it is a great idea to remind all our lovely customers exactly what we are about. We look at the ethics of everything, from sustainable palm oil, to the respect we owe our organic producers.

Nuts are up in price, then down in price. The organic nut farmer has to produce his crop, lovingly tendered, through fair weather and foul, and that’s hugely reflected in the price, as is conflict and disease. Bear in mind that he doesn’t spray pesticides from a dizzy height or short cut with unacceptable growth enhancers. Organically produced food is the most regulated in the world and this can only be a good thing.

When a ‘new’ product suddenly hits the media, teach yourself to be cynical. Who has paid for the publicity? Nothing is what it seems until it has been tried and tested for twenty years. Be wary of “too good to be true”, especially if it’s in a magazine (purchased as advertising space).

Having said that, some things in our shop ARE too good.

In no particular order…

Theanine - a safe and gentle relaxing remedy. Helps keep you calm, but also alert, so great for a stressful life, interviews and exams. Try Higher Nature’s Balance for Nerves.

Colloidal silver – Possibly the funniest of all the bits of legislation. Yes, you can put it in water to make it safe to drink, but the manufacturers can’t say you can ingest it. Work that one out. Fantastic as a nasal wash, on cuts, grazes, sunburn, bites – we like to mix it with Aloe Vera Gel for healing skin. As a throat spray to kill bacteria, even toothache has been successfully treated. A Tonsillitis must have, and the most packable holiday or Uni accessory.

Floradix – Need we say more? We think it is the best pick-me-up EVER, and judging by the amount we order, we think you agree.

The power of millions of good bacteria.

Optibac probiotics – for digestion, immunity, travelling abroad, bowel calming, antibiotic support. We love them, our customers love them!

When we were first introduced to Optibac, the idea of probiotics for different conditions seemed like a good idea, easier to recommend the correct one, and helpful for the customer.

As we started to sell them the corresponding feedback was so positive. Exciting for us - and the customers were really happy to be feeling good . Excitement all round really…….. from a few good bacteria containing, affordable capsules.

Before going down the route of eliminating certain foods from your diet because you are not feeling great, or feeling nervous about getting travellers tummy or IBS when it really isn’t convenient, just try Optibac.

Seriously yummy Raw chocolate. No words can express…

The new Almighty foods nut butter spreads, naturally sweetened, as a cake filling, spread on toast or crackers (all gluten free), or simply off the spoon. Once tasted, never forgotten. (In a very good way).

You’ve got to try Livia’s Kitchen. Raw, gluten and refined sugar free treats, winner of the 2016 Great Taste awards.

And for the girls…..

Organicups - The modern alternative to pads and tampons for the environmentally aware woman of today. Nervous? No need. They are brilliant!

Snor-rings. Well, we are delighted to report that they work! Snor-rings are worn on the little finger, and acupressure on that meridian alleviates snoring really well. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. None back to date.

Angie’s section.

What impresses me is that you are really taking responsibility of your own health. I love that.

I love that you welcome our diet sheets for arthritis, cholesterol, diabetes etc., give it a go and reap the benefits.

I appreciate that you trust us to do our research to best of our ability, and I promise that we will always be 100% ethical.

What unnerves me is the amount of unregulated rubbish there is online ...” Let common sense prevail”

From palm oil the foaming agents, coconut oil to sugar…. Moderation.

My favourite bits of wisdom:

“Seventy five percent of what you eat sustains you, the other twenty five percent sustains the doctor”


“Eat food, not much, mainly plants “.

Pick up a list of our gluten free foods – so much to choose from, you’ll never feel deprived of anything.

Best health tips:

Eat some protein at every meal (ask for a list).

Take turmeric – finally we can say it! Anti-inflammatory., apsules, powders, teas, so much choice.

Don’t eat late in the evening

You function better if you can make yourself relax. You can do it.