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Angies Updates ~ A Free From Festive Season

By naturallifeshop, Dec 19 2015 01:00AM

Our gluten free section gets bigger by the week!

There are more frozen gluten free foods available now and we are extending our range. We would value your opinion on flavour etc. We are horrified by some supermarket gluten free foods, as people suffering from gluten intolerance actually require good, high quality nutrition, without dodgy E numbers and additives.

Don’t forget we have gluten free chicken and pork sausages in our freezer, plus salmon chicken and bacon, all from Graig Farm Organics.

Our Free From options.

New Violife vegan cheeses are seriously good. Why has it taken so long to create a vegan cheese that even non vegans like?

Booja Booja Vanilla is the yummiest vegan ‘ice cream’, ever. Amazing on a warm Athenry mince pie, which are also gluten free and vegan. We’re getting hungry just thinking about it.

Can’t eat wheat? Before giving it up totally, try taking Optibac probiotics, which can hugely improve digestive function, and experiment with Spelt, an ancient wheat grain that is a lot more digestible. Available as flours and pasta, it’s very popular.

How are we going to do Christmas without Clements Vegetarian? ....

We have searched long and hard for a vegan nut roast to replace their lovely Christmas loaves…. And we’ve found it! Thank Goodness, a small Shropshire business, fast growing and winning accolades, have created a masterpiece rated 10/10 by non-vegans as well as vegans. Luxury Nut Roast 500g serves 3-4. It contains no gluten grains either, so should keep a lot of dinner guests happy.

We wish the Clements a long and happy, well-earned retirement.

Post-Christmas detox

Never let it be said that we are encouraging you to overindulge this festive season, but if that what makes you jolly, Milk thistle is the best herb ever for improving liver function (i.e. you’ll feel a whole lot better!) – a plus is that we can actually tell you that it has the ability to regenerate an abused liver, so if you are eating and drinking a bit more alcohol than you should, then this is your herb.

We wish you all a peaceful Solstice, a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

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