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By naturallifeshop, Nov 27 2015 01:48PM

Angies Updates - The Natural life shop autumn news letter 26.11.15

Angie’s brief explanation on the current EU laws regarding natural remedies.

No natural remedy that contains a herb can legally be sold for children under 12 years.

It doesn’t mean it’s not safe, just illegal. I expect that has given the Calpol/ Paracetamol market a nice boost. No claims can be made for any remedy without a licence. This expensive bit of legislation closed down many small specialist herb suppliers as each licence costs £50.000 per herb, per supplier. It was designed to protect the customer against unsustainable claims, but what it totally failed to supply was protection regarding online purchases.

Some of the actually amazing herbs that had to leave our shelves can now be purchased online, unlicensed, and uncontrolled. Our herbs already had to meet the most impressive standards. It wasn’t about quality, just regulation, but how do you turn a herb into a regulated medicine?

I am sure that the pharmaceutical industry will be happy that the new laws have caused herbs to become medicines, it gave them control, but a lot of what you see now on pharmacy shelves are the pharma ‘take’ on the real thing. Tableted, with fillers, binders and all sorts, they are way off being proper herbal products. Well I guess they grabbed a bit of the market, but they are giving herbs a bad name!

And the of course there is homeopathy.

This apparently, according to the regulators can’t work because there is nothing in the tablet, but it still needed to be controlled, so you are told by us that “you will have to check with your doctor” and of course, he won’t have a clue. Does the expression ‘witch hunt’ come to mind?

I still say, we are intelligent beings, so we all can continue to make our own choices, and during these whole 10 years of bureaucracy not a single item left our shelves due to safety issues.

Oh, and we are never allowed to say anything might cure, only ‘may help’ even though the often do cure…… but I didn’t say that.

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