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Floor Repair Week ~ A fresh look for the New Year

By naturallifeshop, Dec 31 2015 12:52PM

Mary Portas tells us that 2016 is going to be the “sugar free” year! This is great to hear, but please tell us that the supermarkets aren’t just going to replace the sugar with aspartaime, which is even worse.

Come and look at our brilliant range of products from chocolates to ice cream that are deliciously sweet without the use of refined sugar. Many of the savoury products in your larder actually contain hidden sugar, and you will find the healthy alternatives on our shelves. Even more tasty and much better for you too.

This is also going to be the year that people really start looking at their body care, as finally the world wakes up to the fact that on your skin actually means in your body. One of our biggest selling summer lines is natural sun protection and we also sell brilliant self-tanning creams by Lavera. These give a lovely lightly sun kissed look, and smell divine as well, without any nasties.

We will be back open on the 11th Jan looking all fresh and lovely. We are going to make 2016 an even better year than 2015 and we will work hard to offer the best service ever.

Happy New Year to all our lovely customers.

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