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By naturallifeshop, Apr 25 2016 01:23PM

We ve had a busy week . Following the BBC programme "How to stay young" we have been inundated with requests for Inulin.

Inulin is a saccharide, naturally occurring in some vegetables and fruit, but is available in powder form and this is what they were advocating for helping to prevent visceral fat around the vital organs.

We now have Inulin in stock , but would say , if you haven't seen the programme , do a catch up , it was really interesting. They came to the conclusion that a vegan diet , dancing,meditation and relaxation were the most powerful and health giving , and we came to the conclusion that simply taking powdered Inulin will help, but doing it all will pay great dividends.

Inulin occurs naturally in Asparagus , chick peas, bananas , chicory and apples ,and in small amounts in most vegetables . Be aware that initially it can cause a windy tummy .

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