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Sacred Space ~ Amanda

By naturallifeshop, Nov 12 2015 01:00PM

We all need a little help sometimes, you know, when you are feeling that heaviness in the atmosphere. You walk into a room and you just know in your bones that something has ‘gone down’. Of if you are visiting a friend who is poorly or a new mum who although over joyed is shall we say feeling a little on the shattered side. Well this is the time to look to Findhorn Essences and room sprays.

Earlier this year Angie sent myself (Amanda) and Zanna up to Findhorn to attend their Flower essence level one training. We spent a wonderful weekend in the heart of the Findhorn community learning about the magic of these essences, and I must say I am truly grateful for this wonderful opportunity. Angie supports and encourages all her staff to follow their own hearts and gain as much knowledge as they can on all the products in the shop, so that we can all share this with you when you visit. I now recommend these beautiful and gentle essences to my clients and always take the Sacred Space spray with me when I am off on a teaching trip. I find using Sacred Space really clears a space and prepares the ‘container’ for the workshop to follow.

“Sacred Space spray purifies and clears stressful or ‘stuck’ energy in the home, workplace or personal aura. It can be used in a busy workplace where negative energy emitted from computers and stressed out staff can seriously affect the working dynamics. Sacred Space restores calm and tranquillity, and creates a much more positive atmosphere” ~ exert from the Findhorn Flower Essence manual.

I would add it’s also great to use for fractious children, grumpy partners and for when you just feel like you need to let go of all the ‘stuff’' and make a super gift for the one you love.

I hope you enjoy using this range of essences as much as I do.

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