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Tegan's Tales

By naturallifeshop, Nov 16 2015 09:50AM

We just love it when a customer pops in just to let us know how happy they are with a product. Today we have had some more fantastic feedback about the brilliant ‘Snor-rings’.

These simple, non- invasive sterling silver rings, worn on your little finger (not nose!) can work tremendously for light to heavy snoring, although one on each little finger is advised to maximise effectivity.

This natural alternative based on over 3,500 years of Chinese medical practice is even endorsed by the NHS. ‘Snor-rings’ work by toning flaccid throat muscles using the simultaneous stimulation of acupressure.

After years of broken sleep, moving from one bed to another due to her husband’s dreadful snoring one customer is now finally able to sleep in her own bed with her husband once again.

But if you’re still a sceptic we’re offering a 30 day money back guarantee. Although I doubt you’ll need it!

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