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Why is bone broth good for your health?

By naturallifeshop, Oct 26 2017 04:27PM

“Osius ~ The Bone Broth Company”

A healing, high collagen food revered in the treatment of Crohns, IBS and IBD, this wonderful broth is rich in the nutrients your body needs to boost immunity, improve skin and cushion the joints.

Why is bone broth good for your health?

High quality bones, cooked for 48 hours create a truly superfood. Bone stock has an incredible array of minerals and other nutrients that can be readily used by the body. Bone broth may support gut healing by nourishing the lining, calming inflammation and ultimately improve digestive function.

Bone broth is used by athletes to help speed the healing of soft tissues. This broth is rich in collagen, a protein found in many of our tissues including hair, skin, nails, blood vessels and bones.

It truly is a highly nutritious broth, the perfect choice for an inflamed gut and great if you need to avoid solid food for a while.

*** Osius ~ Winners of the Applied Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice 2017 Awards ***

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