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By naturallifeshop, Feb 15 2017 07:00AM

Following on from last week’s blog on matters of the heart I would like to share some info on Co Q 10.

Co Enzyme Q10 is a naturally occurring substance within our bodies, and an essential component for the production of energy within our cells. CoQ10 is mostly synthesized by the body but is found in some foods, for example, nuts, olive oil, fish and meat.

CoQ10 may help to alleviate fatigue, whether associated with stress, over exhaustion from sport, M.E, fibromyalgia and many other reasons. The perfect companion would be Floradix, an Iron and B-vitamin tonic.

Finally to statins, which are drugs prescribed to lower Cholesterol, these may cause unwanted side effects and interfere with the natural synthesis of CoQ10 from our food. Evidence suggests that supplementing 100-200mg a day may reduce the side effects in people sensitive to statins.

No interactions have been shown whilst taking CoQ10 alongside blood pressure medication. We’d always suggest you consult your doctor beforehand.