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By naturallifeshop, Nov 14 2015 01:00AM

We don’t go overboard here at Natural Life, but with the festive season just around the corner we thought it was about time we let you know about some of the fabo things we have in store to help you and your family celebrate in an organic and ethical style.

Well we are a health food shop so I suppose we should start with some of the delicious Christmas fare that has just arrived, stolen, panettone, gluten free mince pies and puds, scrumptious veggie so sausage rolls and even a delicious veggie haggis and some truely delicious bubbles, Blueberry Sparkle and Raspberry Fizz from the Organic Collection.

If you into baking and creating we have all you supplies under one roof, flours, butters and marg, dried fruit, marzipan and all the ingredients to make some delightful raw chocolate truffels.

And for your four legged friends our Tegan has got in from Lily's Kitchen, the special range of Christmas doggie food and treats.

If you are looking for that special little gift for under the tree then we have lots of ideas for you. Maybe a scented soywax candle to brighten the long nights, of selection pack of delightful Weleda body care.

Haramakis are just the ticket for those who feel the cold and our essential oil diffusers are an absolute delight, together with the special mixed oils to fend off the winter blues, help you breathe easy when you are suffering from the inevitable sneezes of just to spread some romance.

By naturallifeshop, Nov 9 2015 03:07PM

Mad isn’t it, already everyone is getting stressed about Christmas.

Who’s coming, who isn’t, who might be offended if they are not invited etc. etc. Don’t forget we have brilliant Flower Essences suitable for all sorts of tricky situations and they really do bring relief.

Findhorn ‘Go with the Flow’ (in a crisis, too many deadlines? ) or Voice Confidence (just the ticket to help you find the right words to tell Granny that she should really not have that third mince pie).

And don’t forget the Sacred Space Mist, it’s just brilliant and also make a great present.

All the essences are suitable for the whole family and have no contra indications with any medications.