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Body Care

It is now widely recognised that every chemical that touches your skin is absorbed into your body. We would love to say it isn’t true, but morphine patches, nicotine patches and HRT all tell the story of how drugs can be administered via absorption through the skin.


Many of the chemicals used in conventional body care products, are passed as safe, we believe it is simply safest to not use potentially harmful products at all and research the alternatives.


We read every label, and question every ingredient with our suppliers. After all that research we have chosen to stock in our shop: Urtekram, Weleda, Faith in Nature and Algaran Organic seaweed products. Everything for your skin and hair!


The most amazing range of soaps, Faith in Nature, Oleanat and Algaran rainbow scrub soaps. The House of Mistry Saponaria range is lovely if you like to avoid soap all together and need one product that does everything – Think camping and eco lodges.


We stock Natracare sanitary protection (very important, no bleach, no chemicals and our customers say ‘very effective’).


Eco friendly sun protection, after-sun creams and of course organic aloe vera gel, just the best for moisturising sore or burnt skin.


We think that you will find the perfect product for you and your family.


Aluminum free  natural deodorants 100% natural & organic Essential oils Eco Faith in Nature shampoos and hand wash Floride free Tooth paste and mouth wash Weleda organic Body Care Urtekram Base Oil almond oil and many more

These products are firm favourites of our customers. The way they fly off the shelves speaks volumes. We love them here, not only because they are great products that really work, but also the ethics of this company are outstanding!. Look no further for for a relaxing bath time soak, a refreshing zingy shower cream or some delicious skin care products. If we do not stock your personal favourite then just ask, we are happy to order in any product that is available to us.

Weleda Body Care


There are some different schools of thought regarding antiperspirants and deodorants. Some folks are concerned about the ingredients in main stream products, and the suggestion that they could be carcinogenic, and others about the mere fact that an antiperspirant actually stops a natural body process of temperature regulation and detoxification. We have a great range of deodorants, something for everyone, from the sporty types to the perfume free sensitive folks. Salt of the Earth even do a travel size crystal stick.

Oral Hygiene

A healthy diet, which provides the vital nutrient needed for healthy teeth and regular visits to the dentist are the building blocks for a great smile and no toothache. Correct brushing and using great products help too. We stock a wide range of pleasant tasting and effective toothpastes, both with fluoride and without, mouthwash that doesn’t burn your mouth and is alcohol free, floss, breath fresheners and even biodegradable tooth brushes. Really everything you need to keep your smile sparkling.

There are as many different types of hair as there are people, and our hair care needs change as we journey through life. Faith in Nature have a fabulous range of shampoos and conditioners for all your family. Urtekram do a great range of organic products, even scent free for the super sensitive, and Dead Sea mineral shampoo and the conditioner as well, are an absolute hair and scalp treat.

Hair Care

Feminine Hygiene

Start as you mean to go on! Fabulously effective sanitary protection from NatraCare   no chlorine, no bleach and no nasty chemicals. Made for organic cotton, good for you and good for the environment!

For the Tub

Herbatint Faith soaps and Natural Cleansers Oleanat and Mistrys soap Epsom, Hymalayan and Dead Sea bath salt Eco Chemical free Sunscreen

There is nothing more pampering than having a long hot soak in the tub after a hard day’s work. Epsom salts are a great way of soothing those tired aching muscles. Pop in a drop of your favourite bath oil, soak and enjoy. You might even like to try one of our lovely face packs for that total spa experience in the comfort of your own home. Faith in Nature Tea Tree is a great natural anti bacterial soap to keep in the handwashing sink and Urtekram Rose soap just smells truly wonderful and is gentle on the skin.

Sun Protection

It is not only during the summer months that we may need to apply a sunscreen. It is also really important when taking a winter break! We stock a great range of vegan, chemical free sunscreens with a range of factors (15 up to 50). So that you can tan safely, and improve your vitamin D levels too.

Natracare chlorine free sanitary products

Essential Oils

Absolute Aromas have been in business from the early 1990s, and pride themselves in supplying the best quality essential oils to the public as well as the therapist. We stock a wide range of essential oils, as well as a selection of the most popular base oils. If you are looking to make your own sweet smelling bath bombs, scent your linens with sweet lavender to promote a good night’s sleep, or popping  a couple of drops of Tea Tree into your cleaning water to make sure that bathroom is germ free, you will find everything you need here.