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Eco Baby

Your baby’s skin is so precious and vulnerable, so our body care range has been carefully selected.


We stock Weleda Calendula products and their lovely new Mallow creams and lotions. Mallow is for highly sensitive and eczema prone babies, children and adults too! You will also find organic cotton baby wipes, cotton pads and buds.


Our children’s sunscreens come in a range of factors ( 25-50). On our shelves you will find Jason’s, Green people, Yaoh and Optima Aloe.  These are very effective and keep the little people safe in the sun.


Health comes from the inside, so you will find a great range of fruit purees, organic pasta shapes, Nanny First baby milk and their Growing Up formula, glass feeding bottles, after all we don’t want the little people to be exposed to the xynoeostrogens found in plastics.


All this go towards helping you keep you baby clean, healthy, and chemical free.

Baby care Childrens suppliments Organic cotton buds and pads Baby foods

We believe the best way to feed your baby is from the meals you make yourself, but sometimes you just need something on standby. We stock a range of delicious fruit purees, and ‘eat on the go’ puddings as well as Nanny Care Growing Up formula (goats milk) for those sensitive souls who can’t tolerate the regular formula. If you are looking for a glass feeding bottle then we stock those too. You will find all the other healthy ingredients you would need to prepare delicious dinners for your little one, on the food shelves. What’s best for baby is also best for you.



There is nothing more important than good nutrition and lots of love for the health and wellbeing of your little one.

But everyone needs a little help sometime, and this is where our supplements can really help. We stock specialist probiotics to help your baby's immune system and digestion, especially important after a caesarean birth or antibiotics. We have gentle homeopathic remedies for colic and teething, cough medicine with no nasties, and a delicious liquid vitamin supplement Kindervital, for when they are going through a faddy phase.

Body Care

It is as important to watch what you put on your baby as what you put in your baby. Many harmful chemicals are absorbed through the skin and can impact on the health of any of the vital systems within the immature body. Weleda do a wonderful range of gentle chemical free baby and child products that are really effective, everything from nappy cream, with no petrol chemicals, to baby bath and cleansing lotion.

If you are looking for a natural way to deter the ‘little visitors’ all children get when they first start school then Nitty Gritty maybe just what you are looking for. We also stock a range of organic cotton products including ear buds, cleansing pads and wet wipes and cotton wool.