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Food in your Larder

We stock a really wide and quite diverse range of foods, and also cater for the specialist diet, such as gluten free, dairy free and soya free. We have a super range of interesting organic grains, pulses and flours.


Need to keep your sugar intake low? Why not take a look at our great range of fruit preserves and honey, including some locally produced.


From sauces to kitchen herbs, vinegars in many guises, including raw cider and balsamic, capers, ethically sourced sardines, delicious pastas, including gluten free and pulse pastas. Really everything you need.


As well as whole range of guilt free treats, we have  delicious snack bars, which are great for the lunch box, Bounce balls, the high protein nibble to help you keep going in the afternoon, and luxury raw organic chocolate in bars and boxes, for those special occasions.


We pride ourselves in supporting Fairtrade and ethical companies, and the majority of our products are organic. The behaviour of our suppliers in the world is of paramount importance to us, and we research them, so you don’t have to!

Coconut oil Nut butters Jams and Spreads Japanese condiments Super foods

Nut Butters and Spreads

Carly’s Nut butters – Just about the best range of RAW organic nut butters made in the UK , cool milled below 44˚ and unroasted ensuring the presence of all those beneficial enzymes.

Suma – We love Suma, an ethical company with the highest of standards and a great range of products, from nut butters to soups.

Coconut products

Coconut Oil – Not only a great food but widely used to treat skin conditions too. – Check out this blog by one of Viridians' Naturopaths, its makes for an interesting read.

Japanese Condiments

Clearspring - Not all soy sauce is the same! Being traditionally made from fermented soya beans and also coming Japan, it is of paramount importance to us that there are stringent environmental and food safety standards in place. Clearspring were brilliant when we called to question the safety of their Japanese range. Click on this link to read their reply.  

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Super Superfoods

Naturya - We spent a long time researching the available brands of powdered super foods as many of our customers needed a safe range to use in their green smoothies. Naturya came top of the list, not only nutrient rich products all certified by the Soil Association and Ecocert, they are also guaranteed pure, no bulkers, no nasty additives, so you get exactly what is says on the packet. Vegan, kosha and a great price, we couldn’t ask for more.

Chips and tortillas Vinagars Agave and sweeteners Local Honey Linwoods flax seed blends Gluten free crackers Gluten free biscuits Wheat free pastas and noodles Protien Bars Baking ingredients Granola Granola Infinity organic seeds

Meridian fruit spreads are sweetened with concentrated apple juice, and St Dalfour with concentrated grape juice. If you are looking for a sweet treat that does not contain ANY added refined sugar, then look no further. Delicious added to yoghurt for a truly fruity experience, and delicious spread on your favourite toast.

Fruit Spreads


Shadow Woods honey is from Rudgwick, and Cranleigh honey comes from local hives in the village. Buying local honey not only has some amazing health benefits, but you will also be supporting the pollinators in your area.

Syrups and molasses

Although sugar in any form is not needed by our bodies as a food, we know that there are just sometimes when you will want make a sweet treat. Try replacing the sugar in your favourite recipe with a spoon of Maple syrup and, we are sure you will delighted with the tasty result.


Honegar is one of our most popular products, used by many of our customers to help them maintain a healthy alkaline blood which reduces inflammation throughout the body, ‘Let food be your medicine!’ We also stock a great range of raw cider vinegars, and some really tasty speciality ones too!  So if you need some Balsamic or Red Wine vinegar for a dressing or glaze, then look no further.


Linwoods do a super range of ground seeds. Alongside the plain milled flax they offer some delicious combinations, including pumpkin seeds, CoQ10, Goji berries and much more. We also stock Infinity plain un-milled linseeds for you take home and mill yourself. And yes, we often get asked ……Linseeds and Flaxseeds are the same!

Breakfast cereals

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and that is why we hold a great range to tempt even the most fussy eater. From good old porridge, we do a gluten free one as well, to some delicious Paleo granolas. Dowse in some delicious almond or coconut milk and you will be set up for the day in a very healthy way!

Gluten Free

Being told by a nutritionist or your doctor to go on a gluten free diet can seem daunting at first. The Natural Life shop prides itself in stocking a wide range of healthy gluten free alternatives that actually taste good too. So if you are looking for a protein filled pasta that is grain and gluten free, a tasty cracker for an evening nibble, or just want a soy sauce that does not contain wheat ,then come in and browse, we are sure we can help. We also have a range of tasty treats, biscuits, cake mixes, and even raw chocolate.

Baking Basics

Keeping the essentials in the cupboard is really important for the cook in the house. Baking powder, quick yeast, (or the real stuff in the fridge), pectin for the jam making season, and the best quality salt all can be found here. If you are planning something exotic and need that special extra touch, then look no further. We stock rose water, rosehip syrup and pomegranate molasses too.

Herbs and Spices

Infinity  Organic Herbs and Spices can uplift the most mundane of dishes. Add a teaspoon of ground cinnamon to a pan of stewed apples for an extra twist, sprinkle some rosemary on your potatoes while they roast, or knock up a wicked curry. Infinity is a British company and part of the Community Foods group. They are dedicated to providing the best food, and supporting Organic growers worldwide.

Infinity Foods Started out in the 1970s as a small stall at the University of Sussex, bringing a range of solid basic whole foods to the local community. From small acorns vast oak trees grow, and Infinity foods is now one of the largest retailers of whole-foods in the UK.


We stock a great range of their nuts, seeds, dried fruit, pulses and flours, and if we don’t stock what you are looking for then we can probably order it in for you, so please ask.

Nuts, pulses flours and grains

Frozen range

We have two freezers, one packed full with a great range of ‘Frys’ vegetarian sausages, burgers, mince and strips; We stock Clive Pies – some gluten free, veggies for those evenings when you just want a quick meal. We have treats too, delicious Booja Booja dairy free ice cream, frozen desserts made by ‘Food Heaven’.  We even have handy bags of organic fruit, just right for your smoothie or ‘mocktail’

Snacks and Lunch box treats

Are you looking to liven up the lunch box? We stock a great range of healthy fruit and high protein bars to stave off the hunger pangs, and keep you and your brain in tip top condition throughout the day. Naked bars are very popular with our younger customers, and Bounce balls keep your protein up after a workout, and for those moments when you just need something naughty........ we have an amazing range of raw organic chocolate.  

Crisps and nibbles

Guilt free hummus crisps, tasty kale chips, and sweet and spicy tortilla all reside on our bread stand next to the rye bread and mountain spelt wraps. Great for the picnic season.

Chilled range

Our vegan fridge is stacked high with dairy free alternatives to cheese, Violife, Scheese and Cheezly.  Taifun tofu’s, and a great range of spreads from Vitaquel and Suma. In the dairy fridge we stock organic butter,yoghurt,sheeps yoghurt and Goats. There is a great selection of drinks to grab on the go, and of course this is where we keep one of our most popular sellers, Cherry Active and you can check out this marvellous product here.

Dairy fridge vegan fridge

Tyne Chease - Cream style in a jar and 100% plant based round vegan cheases with only five all natural and organic ingredients.


Delicious on the Chease board with apples and chutney, a great way to start the day just spread on your morning toast.

What is there not to like!

tyne chease 2 Tyne Chease

Graig Farm Organics in has been owned by the Rees family since the 1940’s, and Jonathan , the proprietor of Graig Farm Organics, has lived there all of his life. All of the butchery and processing is carried out at the new processing facilities on the farm. The Natural Life shop now stock a wide range of meats, sausages, fish, and bone broth, all organic and gluten free options.

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