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We firmly believe that cleaning your home should not be a toxic event.


Fumes and chemicals are a serious threat to human health, and the welfare of our beautiful planet.


On our shelves you will find really effective products that do a great job, while respecting the environment.


Our chosen suppliers are Suma, BioD, Ecozone, Ecover (now carrying the bunny logo), Earth friendly, Faith in Nature and Method. Once you start to use natural cleaning products, you will never want to use anything else.


We have a great selection of paper products, eco cloths, room fresheners, recycled rubbish bags, foil and parchment paper.


Everything to help you have a healthy, clean,  chemical free home.




Eco Laundry solutions Ecover Eco friendly Kitchen cleaners Eco Friendly Bathroom cleaners Recycled kitchen and bathroom products

The Briitish made Ecoleaf range are multi award winning products, having won ‘Best Eco Product’ award in Your Healthy Living Magazine. We also do refills, even better for your pocket and the planet!

In the Kitchen

We stock a wide range of Kitchen products that are kind to hands and the environment. Everything from washing up liquid to hob cleaners that really work, and all without those toxic chemicals.

In the Bathroom

Method joined with Ecovert in 2013 and between them we can safely say” we have the bathroom covered”. Everything from effective toilet cleaners to fresh smelling anti-bacterial bathroom sprays and glass cleaners. And for when the drains get blocked look no further we even have a very effective non toxic drain cleaner that’s easy to use, just pop a stick down the plug hole and say “goodbye” to that slow to empty bath tub.

Everything else

Recycled rubbish sacks that are sturdy and don’t split when you pull them out of the bin. Recycled kitchen foil and sandwich bags. Soft and gentle toilet paper, Jumbo kitchen roll and tissues all made from recycled paper. As if that was not good enough, the folks at Suma support a small but active community called ‘Treesponsibility’ to offset the carbon footprint incurred by making the paper products, who could ask for more?  

Refills Available -


Ecoleaf: Washing Up Liquid

             Laundry Liquid

             Fabric Conditioner



Bio D:  Sanitising Hand Wash