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We believe the special friends in your life deserve extra special care. That is why we stock a great pet food range from Lily’s Kitchen, they create natural, delicious, wholesome food for dogs and cats because they believe our pets deserve to eat proper food that’s full of nourishing ingredients. We all know a balanced, nutritious diet is key to staying in tip-top condition, inside and out.


We are passionate about your pets’ health and happiness and understand the special needs of our four legged friends.


We stock a comprehensive range of herbal and homeopathic remedies especially formulated for your pet’s needs, from ear drops to immune support, and if it’s not on our shelves then ask a member of staff and we will see if we can order it in for you.


Just like humans animals suffer from the stresses of daily life, some are simply highly strung, others are getting used to a new addition to the pack (family) and others simply need a helping hand to keep calm. This is where our ‘Bioforce’ essences come in handy. So whatever your pet's needs are, take a look in our special Pet Care section.

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Mouth-watering meals for your best friend. Just like in humans a bad diet can lead to wind, bad breath and that unmistakable doggy smell.

That’s why Lily’s Kitchen produce a range for dogs that includes both wet and dry foods that are made with easily digestible freshly prepared meat and no meat meals or animal derivatives.

Lily's Kitchen

We all know that cats can be picky so the team at Lily’s Kitchen have spent a long time perfecting recipes to make sure they are delicious and nutritious. All Lily’s Kitchen cat food recipes are grain-free as cats cannot tolerate grain as they are obligate carnivores and thrive on lots of meat. They also add natural taurine, vital for their long-term health.

Animals can also benefit from the emotional support provided by flower remedies, they experience the same range of emotions as humans - fear, rage, sadness, anxiety, jealousy that can all affect their well being. Animal Essences can help by promoting calm, well-adjusted, balanced behaviour. This range of Animal Essences, based on Bach Flower Remedies, is made to the same principles as the Flower Essences for human use. As our four legged friends can’t explain to us exactly how they are feeling, so more flower essences are used in each combination to cover the possible factors affecting the animal’s behaviour. Our customers give us great feedback on this range.

Bioforce - Animal Essences

Is a specialist herbal provider of tinctures and homeopathics for pet and small animal care. They have a great range , all in tincture form for ease of administration, and tinctures are so effective, as they do not have to travel through the whole digestive tract before they start working.


Dorwest are the leading authority on veterinary herbal medicine which they have been producing for over 60 years. They have a great web site that gives you information on all their products and how they can be used to help keep your pet in the best of health.


They have a great A-Z of Common Problems section which helps you make the right choice for your four legged friend. We stock the herbals and also the shampoos, and as always if you can’t find what you need then please just ask and we will do our best to order it in for you.