We've been wanting to do something for our lovely customers for a little while now and have been bouncing ideas as to what would work well. In light of the current global pandemic we decided that something immunity related would be a great way to give you all a little bit more info on some of the amazing products we have at the shop which can help you support your immunity naturally! 

So with all that in mind we have put together a little hamper for you to win! Worth just over £80 it includes:

*Pukka Elderberry & Echinacea Tea - this lovely fruity tea gently supports your immune system by modulating your white blood cells

*Raw Surrey Hills Honey - honey has so many amazing health properties! It's anti fungal, anti bacterial, anti viral, full of loads of compounds which support our overall health

*Biona Elderberry Juice - similar to the lovely tea, this elderberry juice is suitable for all ages and gently helps to support your white blood cells 

*A Vogel Nature-C Chewable Tablets - completely food sourced vitamin C blend from acerola, passion fruit, sea buckthorn, blackcurrant, lemon and prickly gooseberry, suitable from 6yrs

*Colloidal Silver Spray - similarly to honey, there are so many things this panacea is good for! You can use it on cuts, scrapes & burns, you can use as a hand sanitizer in a pinch, it can be sprayed (carefully!) in ears, over eyelids, at the back of the throat if you feel an infection coming on. Suitable for all ages and pets too!

*OptiBac Immunity with Vitamin C - this is a single strain probiotic which has been shown to directly modulate your immune system via your gut lining! It talks to the immune tissue present in the wall of your gut and can increase the immune response to pathogens like viruses and bacterium. Also has a nice little dose of Vitamin C in there too.

*BetterYou 1000iu Vitamin D Oral Spray - this is a fantastic, extremely well absorbed vitamin D supplement. It goes directly in to blood circulation and it active far faster than pills or capsules. It's a great supportive dose for us Northern hemisphere dwellers!

*Voucher for a 30 minute immunity check up with Jodie at Hedgerow Health Nutrition - you can go through your current diet, lifestyle, medications and supplements with Jodie and she can give you pointers for foods to include or reduce, recommendations for supplements more suited to your current needs and check any interactions with current medications etc. You can get a lot out of 30 minutes! Valid until 30th September 2020.

*A lovely, locally hand-made, washable cotton face mask! In a nice, neutral navy blue, we're all going to need a few of these to get by for the foreseeable future!


To enter you need to complete the form below. That's all! No tricky questions, no, guess the value, no other conditions.

Staff of The Natural Life Shop and their family members are not eligible for entry to the competition.

Entry will be open until 5pm on 31st August 2020 and the winner will be selected at random on the 1st September 2020.

As always, any personal details you register with us are kept strictly confidential and are never passed on to 3rd parties.

The voucher must be redeemed with the practitioner directly and used before 30th September 2020.

The prize must be collected in person, in store (contactless collection can be arranged if needed).

Immunity Hamper Competition

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