Pierre d'Argent is a natural product

Pierre d'Argent is a blend of fine limestone powder and glycerin soap.


Pinch a sponge and moisten it, then rub the Pierre d'Argent until it foams. It is precisely this foam that is created from the cleaning stone that you will bring to the surfaces to be cleaned. Apply the foam and make circular movements.


Pierre d'Argent is the natural solution for cleaning, polishing and protecting silver, copper, chrome, tin, brass, stainless steel, aluminum, acrylic, tiles and modern materials.


You save time and money with the security of a result that far exceeds that achieved with conventional cleaning products. In fact, the Pierre d'Argent not only effectively cleanses, it also leaves a protective film that prevents dirt from depositing.


Pierre d'Argent is fully biodegradable and a natural product that respects the environment, does not irritate the skin and leaves a light lemon scent.


ECOCERT certification since 2013

Pierre d'Argent Natural Multi Purpose Cleaner