In order to achieve the most authentic taste of real bananas, we decided to use real bananas and a small amount of organic lucuma fruit, for a subtle caramel taste that complements the banana flavour perfectly. We've crammed in the equivalent of one medium banana into each serving, so you're getting 15.88% of your recommended daily intake of Potassium and also a good dosage of unprocessed carbohydrates too. This is perfect if you're looking to increase your carb intake, or if you just aren't on a carb-restricted diet.


Main benefits

  • Almost a 50:50 ratio of protein and carbohydrates, making this a great option if you are looking to get a balance of unprocessed carbohydrates as well as high quality protein
  • 43.1g protein per 100g / 16.16g protein per 37.5g serving
  • 15.88% of your recommended daily intake of Potassium per serving, as we have squeezed so many bananas into the each pack
  • Contains real air dried organic banana and real organic lucuma fruit, for a delicious authentic taste
  • The main ingredient is our award winning organic whey protein, from organic grass fed cow’s milk
  • Hormone free, gluten free, soya free and GMO free
  • Independent nutritional test certificates published for every batch
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Certified Organic by The Organic Food Federation
  • 25p donated to Compassion in World Farming for every pack, to help support an amazing team of people who are working tirelessly to bring an end to factory farming globally, one milestone at a time (of which there have been many). So far The Organic Protein Company has donated more than £15,000.


Who is it for?

This is a protein powder anyone can use, regardless of your gender or what your goals may be. People often use our organic whey protein for the following reasons:

  • Recovery
  • Supporting a healthy active lifestyle
  • To help keep going during times of physical stress
  • Increased need for protein as a result of medical issues
  • Lacking protein from other foods due to dietary restrictions
  • Some people just enjoy the taste and find the benefits to be a bonus


This product  is not suitable for vegans or dairy allergy sufferers.

The Organic Protein Company Banana & Lucuma Whey Protein 600g