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Now that we're fast approaching the summer, we're seeing a lot of people really struggling with hayfever. More so than in previous years! There's a lot you can do to support yourself and we've popped some of our favorite pointers below.

There has been a huge amount of focus on overall immunity and especially how to help those suffering from long covid symptoms in the past 12 months. As we continue to hear of people struggling with long covid and reduced immunity, this is our rundown of everything you can do to look after your health as well as some very targeted points on supporting long covid.


As we're moving through hayfever season, it bears repeating that we have the most local honey possible for our area:

Three Brothers from Cranleigh Village

Surrey Hills from Farley Heath

Shadowwood from The Haven

This is just one of the natural things we stock which you can use to support your symptoms.

We also have a great info sheet about which foods may potentially be problematic for you if you're experiencing hayfever symptoms in spring and summer (and even allergy symptoms at any other point of the year).

Pop in to talk to us about how probiotics, vitamin C, quercetin, and even homeopathy and tissue salts can help you out.

Here's a small hint; tomatoes, nuts, coffee, dairy, fermented foods, and by extension, alcohol - all likely to be deeply unhelpful for most hayfever sufferers.

Wild Flowers
Wild Mushrooms


There is a huge amount of buzz around medicinal mushrooms in the natural health world at the moment and with very good cause!

Every mushroom contains multiple bioactive compounds, the most well known of which, beta glucans, have a profound impact on our physiology. Especially our immune function.

Cordyceps (cordyceps sinensis) are particularly known as immune stimulators but reshi, shitake (lentinula edodes), maitake (grifola frondosa), chaga (inonotus obliquus), lions' mane (aka hericeum erinaceus), and many others have incredible benefits too. 

We stock a range of great supplements and superfood powders with both single-source mushrooms and complexes available. We can also source a lot more than we have on the shelf (the ever-present issue of limited shelf space in a small shop!). We have capsules from Nature's Aid and Mycology Nutrition, powder from Naturya, and even some awesome mushroom coffee from Four Sigmatic.

Pop in and have a chat with us to see which will best suit your needs.

Food Ingredients in Bowls


One of the main issues with Long Covid seems to be the dysfunction of the mitochondria in our cells. Essentially, they are the little engines that produce our energy and run the show on a powder production basis.

There are loads of great nutrients which can help to support your mitochondria; B vitamin complex, D-Ribose, and CoQ10 are some of the big ones. We have a huge range of supplements to suit all needs and dietary requirements with Nature's Aid, Viridian, Lamberts, and Bio Health to name a few.

In addition to supporting their function we also need to make sure our cell membranes are healthy so that the nutrients we need can get into the mitochondria. To do this we need to make sure we're eating healthy omega-3 fats. Get this from oily fish (mackerel, sardines, anchovies, salmon, and herring - unsmoked and unprocessed), nuts, and seeds (especially flax/linseed and chia seeds). We have great omega-3 supplements available for everyone. We stock Nature's Aid, Higher Nature, Viridian, Eskimo, Cytoplan, Vegetology Opti-3 (which is a vegan EPA/DHA product), and Udo's Oil (which is also vegan but mostly in ALA form).

If you're struggling with fatigue, gut issues, rashes, headaches, joint aches, and more, it is also likely that you need to address the level of histamine in your body. 

We love Toxaprevent for binding to histamine and other unhelpful things in the gut and removing them. Used alongside a good probiotic (again, we have so many on the shelves so please do chat with us about what may suit you best) it can really help to reduce these symptoms and help to restore your gut to its fully functioning normal state.

Food Ingredients in Bowls
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