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Allergy Season Tips

This time of year can be seriously challenging for those of us with seasonal allergies. Whilst we're very lucky to live in such a beautiful area (The Natural Life Shop is in the beautiful Surrey Hills), the surrounding heathland, woodland, and commons can cause all manner of problems.

This year has been a little odd, with the plants and weather still seeming to believe we're in early April rather than mid-May, so you may find your symptoms have been a little delayed so far this year (unless you suffer from tree pollen allergies in which case my apologies that this post is a couple of months too late for you this year!) If you're finding that you're struggling more than usual, there are a few natural options you might want to try out.

Upping your vitamin C can be really helpful. Make sure you're taking at least 1000mg per day (you can take a bit more if your tummy can handle it), it helps to regulate your immune cells (mast cells) responsible for histamine release.

Quercetin can also be extremely useful. It helps to stabilise the mast cells to prevent them from releasing histamine so easily.

Black Seed Oil has also been used traditionally to support allergies for thousands of years.

Local honey is a much more tasty option. Ideally, it needs to be harvested with 5 miles of where you live to have maximum effect for you. Ours are from hives in Knowle Lane, Cranleigh and The Haven just past Rudgwick.

You can also try some of our amazing herbal and homeopathic remedies! A Vogel produces a great line called Pollinosan as both a tablet and a nasal spray which can be superb. You can also try New Era Combination H tissue salts, designed to support the way your body absorbs and uses minerals.

The final (and possibly best!) way to support yourself is to look after your wonderful microbiome! Your gut is where the magic happens with histamine clearance so making sure it's in tip-top condition will really help to ensure you're handling your histamine as well as possible. There are some great targetted probiotics to support allergic responses. Avoiding really high histamine foods whilst your 'poison' is in full bloom can also be really helpful. For a great list of the worst offenders go to Histamine Intolerance Awareness.

If you would like to discuss your options, pop in for a chat, give us a ring or drop us an email! We're always happy to talk!

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