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Joint Pain Getting You Down...?

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Often it is simply that you are eating the wrong things! Pop in and chat to us or give us a ring, we've got some fabulous information we can share with you which could be transformational for your poor joints! There are several supplements we recommend alongside our anti-inflammatory food list, including the amazing turmeric (a.k.a. curcumin)!

Now, usually it is very difficult for us to talk in depth about the benefits a supplement can have as there are massive limits on us regarding what is seen as 'medical claims'. We can't say that products 'treat', 'cure' or even 'benefit' in most cases unless a product is licenced.

So when the BBC go out of their way to cover clinical trials held over several months, we can but rejoice that they're bringing information to the masses which we're prohibited from sharing so candidly! This happened recently with turmeric and they reported fantastic results! They said that;

'It is an effective anti-inflammatory alone and, when combined with black pepper (piperine), it becomes a powerful tool against cancer, heart disease and circulatory disorders. The perfect anti-aging supplement.....'

Now of course we have turmeric on our shelves both alone (available from Viridian as an organic capsule, Bio Health, Nature's Aid, Natures Plus and in a sublingual (very absorbable) spray from Better You) and also in combination with black pepper in our fab Bio Health Runo Turmeric+.

Better yet, we've passed on loads of info to you without making a single claim ourselves.....! Clever eh?

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